ISA : Letter from Bukit Chandan

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Disember 14, 2007 oleh HermanSamsudeen

Sorry, Pete. Still under stealth mode preparing for the big event. We would like to refute the Government’s decision to use ISA on the 5 HINDRAF’s leaders as follows:

1. Using ISA is against Islam. Islam forbids detention without trial. Islam says in the Holy Quran which means “Whoever does not rule according to what Allah has revealed, then they are sinners or disbelievers or oppressors”. We leave them to Allah s.w.t. the All Knowing and All Powerful to decide on their fate.

2. According to HUMAN RIGHTS, detention with trial is also a violation of international laws. It is a basic HUMAN RIGHT to every human being who is accused of a crime to get a fair and speedy trial. We leave them to the world to decide their fate.

3. We are impartial. It is clear now that from points 1 and 2, the Malaysian citizens have to choose the elected people’s representatives based on these 2 points. As long as the Malaysian citizens do not make the right choice, ISA will be there forever unless something spectacular happens. As long as this kind of elected people’s representatives are in Parliament, the ISA cannot be abolished.

4. This is an election campaign issue. This message must waterfall to the rural folks so that they are given the correct knowledge and picture of the actual problem for them to decide in the upcoming GE. The Government is saying that the Opposition is only thinking of its political interests in any issue. It is clear that the Government itself is using ISA for its political interest to silence the Opposition. The Government is like a “crab saying to its siblings to walk straight while it cannot do so itself”. The Government cannot bluff and fool the intellectuals and the people who use their brains to think. The Government can only do that to the rural folks. It is our duty to convey the truth to the masses forever, be it regarding this Government or any other Government in the future for that matter.

5. The Government has made an unwise decision to use the ISA. It will not resolve the problem at the root cause. It is just a superficial solution. This also indicates that the Government is weak and ineffective in resolving a simple problem as such. With just 5 HINDRAF leaders has already made the Government panic. What happens if the country is faced with a more severe and serious problem? We dread to think about it. The problem will explode one day because it is being bottled up and swept under the carpet.

Best Regards………

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