Malaysian Kiasu vs Singaporean Kiasu – Global Competitive Index (GCI) 2009-2010


September 15, 2009 oleh HermanSamsudeen

From The Independent Cow

The 2009-2010 Global Competitiveness Report shows Malaysians how bad Malaysia is when competing with other countries globally. The tiny Republic island of Singapore with unknown (zero) natural resources is becoming more and more competitive (3rd from 5th for 2008-2009) where Malaysia whose land mass is much bigger and richer with natural resources like timber, tin, rubber, oil palm, oil & gas, etc, is becoming less and less competitive (24th fell from 21st).

The reason to compare Malaysia to Singapore is to show how well this ex-Malaysian state, who joined the Federation of Malaysia in 1965 together with Sabah and Sarawak but separated 2 years later, could be the top three in the ranking. Sabah and Sarawak on the other hand who are still part of Malaysia are way too far behind not only to Singapore but also less developed if compared to the other states in Peninsular Malaysia. The sad thing is when the Public Thrust of Politicians (33rd against 1st : Malaysia vs Singapore) in 5 Peninsular Malaysia’s states namely Kedah, Penang, Perak (now kidnapped back by BN – Barisan Nasional), Kelantan & Selangor diminished in last general election – won by Pas, Pakatan Rakyat & DAP, the people in Sabah & Sarawak continued to be fanatics to BN and happy to let Federal Kuala Lumpur exploiting their natural resources.

With the exception of one city in Sarawak, Kuching which was won by DAP, Kuching people were able to open their hearts and minds to figure out the ‘real’ reason their Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud wish to stay in power longer than the Republic’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Perhaps many people in Kuching were able to open their eyes too on many luxurious sports cars driven by a few who have clear connections with Taib Mahmud. Unfortunately people in the remote inland villages not reachable by sports cars, were likely the victims of ‘last minute ballot boxes’, the questionable boxes that came in the last minute of counting when the BN margin in lower, given normal reasons either too remote or votes by post.

In addition, the phantom voters where Najib Tun Razak in 2008 general election said that the reversal decision by the Election Commission, four days before polling, on the use of indelible ink for voters was appropriate citing that there was a possibility that certain parties would sabotage the election by influencing some voters to use similar ink on various grounds, making sense to continue to use phantom voters as a back-up. Other reason would be rumours given by the Kuching people itself, saying the remote people are afraid of losing their lands to illegal loggers (over 10% remaining forest in total Sarawak) , water and electricity cuts, fuel blockade, and no army and no police to ensure security if they lose BN, the same fear the politically immatured Peninsular Malaysians had 30 years ago.

Talking about the literally similar but practically different ‘fear of losing’ by Singaporeans a.k.a ‘kiasu‘, the kiasu characteristics whether Singaporeans like to be called one or not, had in many ways put Singapore to a very high and respected position in the world today. The literally similar kiasu Malaysians however not limited to Chinese but also includes Malays, Indians, not forgetting the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak practise the reverse kiasu by being very fanatics to the same leaders.

These willing to be or forced to be fanatics proven themselves as fanatics as they didn’t even want to contest presidential position in UMNO, MIC, PBB etc for decades without realising the same leaders who are responsible to drag Malaysia down to number 48th on sub-index 1.03 Diversion of Public Funds vs Singapore 4th (lower ranking represents more common to happen). Another good example was Najib’s shouts in the just concluded MIC General Assembly, shouting “It is pointless if you are only popular in the party but not among the people i.e. voters” but the delegations with empty hearts and minds continued to be fanatics to Samy Vellu by electing the ‘A Team’ endorsed by the man who himself fits very well in the Najib’s statement.

In general, Malaysia was beaten miserably by Singapore in too many sub-indexes and here are some of the worst Malaysia’s GCI sub-indexes (any rank 66th and below based on The Independent Cow’s passing rate of 50% out of 133 countries): –

  1. Business costs of terrorism – Malaysia (97th) below Indonesia (89th)! – Indonesians should look into this figure and rule out one of the ‘Ganyang’ sentiment manifesto because the cost of terrorism is worse in Malaysia.
  2. Business costs of crime and violence – Malaysia (95th). That explains instead of fighting crimes, Malaysian policemen were busy executing BN-UMNO orders. Singapore (10th).
  3. Organized crime – Malaysia (83rd). This explains again like item no. 2 where business people were complaining some sort of mafia-oriented racketeering, extortion were happening in Malaysia without any action by the police putting Malaysia one rank better than Cambodia (84th). Singapore (9th).
  4. Telephone lines – Malaysia (72nd). Fixed line providers in Malaysia should look into this figure to improve the number. Singapore (27th).
  5. Government budget surplus/deficit – Malaysia (110th). The finance minister who did the budget is now the Prime Minister. Singapore (18th).
  6. Government debt – Malaysia (74th) vs Singapore (126th). That explains why Malaysia wants to compete with Singapore in buying more submarines since the rank was not that bad.
  7. The Health sub-indexes showed unhealthy Malaysians from malaria to life expectancy have failed Malaysia below 66th rank in 7 sub-indexes. Varies on the year the surveys were taken, either the former Health Minister was busy on personal matters or the replacement was struggling to catch-up.
  8. Malaysia secondary and tertiary enrollment (98th, 71th) against Singapore (17th, 29th) something that we can ask the well known arrogant Education and Deputy Prime Minister why these figures were deteriorating.
  9. No. of procedures to start a business – Malaysia (75th) vs Singapore (8th). Another failure for Malaysia.
  10. Prevalence of trade barriers, Tariff barriers and Prevalence of foreign ownership – Malaysia (83rd, 68th and 68th) brought Malaysia ranking down on goods market efficiency. Singapore shines like always (3rd, 3rd and 3rd).

There were few sub-indexes showed Malaysia in the top ten ranking. It is worth to mention here even though they were still beaten by Singapore: –

  1. Pay and productivity – Malaysia (9th) vs Singapore (1st) – Malaysians should be proud so that employers are reminded not to pay peanuts and getting monkeys in return. This sub-index is independent from government intervention except those who are working with the government.
  2. Strength of investors protection – Malaysia (4th) vs Singapore (2nd).
  3. Legal protection of borrowers’ and lenders’ rights – Malaysia tied with Singapore (1st)
  4. FDI and technology transfer – Malaysia (8th) vs Singapore (2nd)
  5. Government procurement of advanced technology products – Malaysia (9th) vs Singapore (1st). The Independent Cow could not recall any except the newly purchased submarines.

The top 5 most problematic factor for doing business in Malaysia: –

  1. Access to financing.
  2. Inefficient government bureaucracy.
  3. Corruption.
  4. Policy instability.
  5. Inadequately educated workforce.

where for Singaporeans the top 5 most problematic factor for doing business: –

  1. Inflation.
  2. Restrictive labor regulations.
  3. Access to financing.
  4. Inadequately educated workforce.
  5. Tax regulations.

In conclusion, it is advisable for Malaysians to keep monitoring this relevant index and when most of the problems are never ever ending institutional problems, the only way to correct the problems is to change the government in the next general election.


2 thoughts on “Malaysian Kiasu vs Singaporean Kiasu – Global Competitive Index (GCI) 2009-2010

  1. anakwatan berkata:

    hanya pemikiran taqwa boleh menawan kiasu2,

  2. Rossagisa berkata:

    Salam kwn2
    minta tolong klik link dibawah….
    terima kasih

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